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Know When it is Time for Brake Repair

You rely on your brakes to not only stop your car, but keep you safe and in control. If something goes wrong with the brake system, it is only a matter of time before you and your passages could be in potential danger. So stay aware, and watch for these signs that it is time for an inspection and brake repair. How Hydraulic Brakes Work Several brake parts work in tandem to bring your car to a stop. When you press on the brake pedal you activate a cylinder. It releases brake fluid into the calipers. These in turn engage the brake pads which put pressure on the rotors. The friction from the pads on the rotors slows your car. How to Tell if You Need Brake Repair There are several things you can watch and listen for. Wearing The first thing you can do is look at the wear on the disk brakes. Look at the brake pads through the spaces in your wheel spokes. The pad should press against rotor, and you should have about ¼ inch of pad. If you see less than that you might want to call for an inspection or brake repair. Fading Brakes can feel soft or spongy, instead of firm. This reduced responsiveness could mean an air or fluid leak in the brake lines, or any number of other variables. This could put you and your passengers in unnecessary danger. A soft pedal means something is wrong and you need to have the brakes checked out. Pulling You might notice your car pulling to one side when you brake. This is usually a sign the brake linings have worn unevenly. Or it could mean there is foreign material in the brake fluid. A mechanic can drain the fluid and replace it, or adjust the breaks as needed. Screeching Ever heard a high pitch squeal when you use your brakes? This doesn’t happen by mistake. There is a metal shim which gives you the audible warning when brake pads need replacement. The screeching is loud enough to be heard with the windows up. This is called an indicator. If you hear it consistently you will want to make an appointment to see a mechanic. Brakes can also squeak after they have been exposed to water from rain or washing. You will want to give it a few stops, wait for the rust to wear off, and see if the sound stops. Grinding A loud metallic growling sound is never something you want to hear. With your brakes, it means you have completely worn down the pads and have metal on metal contact which can scratch the rotors and cause uneven wearing. At this point your breaks require immediate repair. A mechanic can turn the rotors to make them even again, or completely replace them and the brake pads. Vibrating Warped rotors usually result in pulsation or vibrations in the brake pedal because the pads can’t properly connect with the surface of the rotors. The warping usually comes from severe braking for prolonged periods of tie, like when towing or driving down a mountainside. The rotors heat up under the friction and warp. If you have shopped around for brake repair in Chevy Chase, MD , you know price estimates can widely vary. You need an auto repair center you can count on to do the job at a fair price. Try Auto Clinic Care. You can call to set up an appointment or bring your car by 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A., Rockville, MD 20852.


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