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Power Steering Repair & Service in Rockville, MD

Your vehicle’s power steering system is crucial to your ability to control your car. Without a power steering system, turning your wheel would take a lot of effort, and would be much more difficult to do. The power steering system helps translate the smallest movements of the wheel into the right amount of power to actually turn your vehicle. Here at Auto Clinic Care, we are here to help when you need power steering repair in Rockville, MD, and surrounding areas.

About Power Steering Systems

The power steering system itself is hydraulic, meaning that it uses fluid to transmit power from the steering wheel to the mechanisms that turn the tires. Over time, a leak in power steering fluid or broken down and dirty fluid can affect the overall performance of your steering system. In this case, a power steering fluid flush is recommended, which will drain out the old fluid and replace it with new, fresh fluid. This service is typically recommended every 30,000 miles or so, or as needed.

Schedule Power Steering Repair Online

Here are some symptoms that can indicate an issue with your car’s power steering system:

  • Whining noise when turning the wheel
  • Steering wheel is slow to respond
  • Steering wheel is stiff or hard to turn
  • Squealing noises when starting up your vehicle
  • Low power steering fluid

As soon as you notice any of the problems listed above, we encourage you to bring your car into our shop for a thorough inspection. A problem with your steering can prove dangerous on the road, so having the issue repaired quickly is vital. Our ASE Master certified technicians will properly identify the problem and provide you with the solution necessary to restore your vehicle back to its optimal working condition.

If you need power steering repair in Rockville, MD, we invite you into Auto Clinic Care for professional service. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!

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