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High-quality brakes will impact the safety and durability of your car. When you are on the road, it is essential to be sure that the brakes will respond when you need them the most. Here at Auto Clinic Care, we offer brake repair and other services in Rockville, MD. Our goal is to keep your car in the best condition to protect the safety of your family.

When do You Need Brake Repair?

There are several situations that might merit an appointment for brake repair. Pay attention to the way the brakes respond when you are driving. If anything seems unusual, then you should talk with our team right away. Failing brakes can be quite dangerous. So, it is essential that you schedule a brake repair appointment as soon as possible.

These are some of the signs that it might be time to bring your car in for brake repair:

  • Squeaking: Have you noticed that the car squeaks when you press the brakes? This squeaking sound might indicate that you need to have the brake pads changed. Squeaking is a common symptom noticed by car owners. Even though it is common, the problem should be addressed if you notice that the brakes are squeaking.
  • Grinding: If you ignore the squeaking noises on the brakes, then you might start to hear grinding sounds. These noises often indicate that the metal of the brakes is rubbing on the metal of the rotor. It is essential that you take your car in for brake repair right away if you hear grinding. Continuing to drive the car could result in more damage to the braking system.
  • Pulling to the Side: Does the car respond in a strange way when you press the brakes? If you push the brake pedal and notice that the car often veers to one side, then you need to call us at Auto Clinic Care. Veering could mean that you have a frozen caliper, and it needs to be fixed right away.
  • Pulsing: It is a strange sensation to feel the brake pedal pulsing when you are trying to stop the car. This pulsing might mean that the rotors are warped. If you feel this type of movement when you press the brake pedal, then you need to schedule a time for brake repair.
  • Response Time: How long does it take for your car to respond when you press the brake pedal? For safety reasons, it is essential that the brakes respond quickly and effectively. If you notice that there is a delay in the the response time, then contact an auto mechanic as soon as possible.

These are some of the most common symptoms that you need to take your car in for brake repair. Since the brakes are an important element of your car, you need to make sure that you are proactive with these services.

Checking the Brakes during Inspections

Often, the brake pads are inspected when you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance. For example, our team at Auto Clinic Care will perform an inspection of the entire car when you bring it in for an oil change. This inspection gives us the opportunity to see if anything is broken or needs to be repaired.

During this inspection, we will look at the thickness and quality of your brake pads. This inspection will allow us to make recommendations about the timing of the brake pad replacement. Brakes are also inspected when you bring the vehicle in for the annual state inspection that the government requires for every car and truck.

The Best Auto Repair Services for Your Car

Caring for your car should be a priority! You have invested money into the purchase of the car, so you need to put in the effort to keep up with repair and maintenance. A little bit of proactive maintenance right now can save you the headache of biggest problems later on.

Here at Auto Clinic Care, our team is dedicated to your satisfaction. We always work hard to be sure that our customers are happy with the services that we offer. Call us if you have questions about brake repair or any other types of services that we offer in our shop.

We are always happy to inspect your car to see if certain types of repairs or services are needed. Our goal is to offer the best services to keep your car in good condition. We are committed to offering competitive pricing and good value every time you bring your car to us.

Are you interested in more information high-quality brake repair in Rockville, Medical Auto Clinic Care for access to an experienced team of auto repair professionals? We are here to help with all of your car repair needs! Stop by our shop at 5531 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852. Or, schedule an appointment via phone or email: 301-881-7891 or [email protected]

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