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How to Respond to a Brake Failure

You probably check your tire pressure, change the engine oil, and switch out air filter regularly. But how often do you specifically request a brake repair and inspection in Rockville, MD? The brake system might be the single most neglected component in your car. It is also one of the most vital. The loss of brake fluid or any other malfunction with the system can render your car incapable of stopping. As you can imagine, brake failure is dangerous and can be a horrifying experience, especially while traveling on a freeway or interstate. At the first sign of brake trouble, you want to safely get off the road and call for a tow and brake repair. Here are a few things you should do instead of panicking: • Stay calm. Slowly work your car towards the right lane and if possible, to an exit. Do not be tempted, no matter how slowly, to continue driving your car without brakes. • If you need to change lanes, do so using your indicator light and move very carefully. Constantly watch your mirrors and the traffic around you to avoid any collisions. • Once you reach the right hand lane, turn on your emergency hazards. The blinking lights should tell cars around you to pay attention and move cautiously. • Take your foot off the gas pedal and let your car gradually slow down. If you have a manual transmission, shift your car into a lower gear to help you slow down. Keep steering your vehicle. • Once off the roadway, you can put your car in neutral and use the emergency hand brake to slowly stop the vehicle. • If your hand brake has failed as well, slide your car onto the shoulder of the road—the softer the better. Or you might need to resort to rubbing the wheel gently against the curb to slow down. • Do your best to get your car off to the side of the road safely. This way, you can avoid stopping traffic and are less likely to get in a collision. • Once off the road, keep your emergency hazard lights going to alert other drivers. If you have them, pull out your cones, reflective triangles, or flares to put up behind your car. • Do not stand by or behind your vehicle. If necessary, you can wait in your car. It is inadvisable to walk along an interstate. Instead, stay a few paces ahead of your car and wait for assistance to arrive. Stay as far away from traffic as possible. • Most major roads and highways in Rockville, MD are regularly patrolled. You can tie something white to your antenna so police officers know you need help. Or you can call for help if you have a cell phone. • Again, do not attempt to drive your car. Call for a tow and get an inspection and brake repair as soon as possible from a qualified mechanic. At Auto Clinic Care, customer service is our top priority. We emphasize on-going preventative care so you don’t find yourself in these types of dangerous situations. To avoid failure, you want to get routine inspections and brake repairs as outlined in your owner’s manual. If you don’t know the current condition of your brakes, do not hesitate to call us or bring your car down to 5531 Nicholson Ln., Ste. A, Rockville, MD 20852 for a check and possible brake repair.


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