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Ensuring your vehicle has quality brakes and timely repairs are one of the most substantial safety measures you can take for your family. Here at Auto Clinic Care, we will always let you know when your brakes show signs of wear that necessitate repairs or replacement. Your attentiveness to your vehicle’s needs is essential to knowing when to bring it to us. Failing brakes are dangerous. Become familiar with these telltale signs of problematic brakes and together, we will keep your family safe on the roads. Slow to respond Does your vehicle react immediately when you press on the brakes? Is it responding differently than it used to? Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint what doesn’t feel right, but you know when something changes. Your vehicle should never delay when you press the brake pedal. If you notice this happening, call us immediately. Sticky brakes This often gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t. Brakes are meant to be “told what to do.” If you are not pressing the brake pedal, but you feel your brakes “grab,” give us a call. Brake warning light This warning light can mean a few different things. First, be sure your emergency brake is not engaged. Simple! If it is not, this warning light could be indicative of a few different issues. Usually, this is just a simple warning that your brakes need attention in the near future. When was the last time your brake pads were replaced? They may be low and need to be replaced. In some cases, however, this can mean your vehicle is leaking brake fluid, which requires immediate intention since this is what allows your vehicle to stop effectively. Squeaking, grinding, or pulsing These are all signs that let you know repairs are necessary. Squeaking is the first indication your brake pads are running thin. Do not ignore this or it will eventually turn into a grinding sound, which indicates metal on metal or the absence of a brake pad at all. This is a much more expensive fix and entirely avoidable. Pulsing is a sign of a potentially warped rotor and if left without inspection and repair, what could have been a simple repair becomes a more complicated (and expensive) replacement. Not to mention, warped rotors can cause other system issues you do not want to experience. Veering If your vehicle pulls to the side when you brake, you should check your tire pressure. If your tire pressure is good, this could mean you have a frozen caliper or a collapsed brake hose. Both of these issues need to be addressed immediately. Your satisfaction and safety are of the highest priority to our team here at Auto Clinic Care. We know how important your family is to you. It is also important to be able to trust your vehicle to a repair shop which will provide you necessary and timely brake repairs in Rockville, MD. We want to earn your confidence when you call Auto Clinic Care at 301-881-7891! If anything feels amiss with your vehicle’s brakes, give us a call or stop by our shop at 5531 Nicholson Lane, Suite A, Rockville, MD.


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