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Why is My Brake Warning Light On?

The brake warning light is definitely a cause for concern. You've probably heard those horror stories of people's brakes completely going out while on the road, and worry that at any moment your brakes will fail you. Luckily, brake fade, or brake failure, is more uncommon than many other causes for brake issues. Chances are, your brakes will continue to work until you get your car into the shop. However, we do recommend that you get your vehicle into Auto Clinic Care as soon as you can to get the issue identified and taken care of just to ensure your safety on the road. 

So, why is your brake warning light on? Let's look at some of the reasons that can cause the light to illuminate, and how serious these issues are. 

Brake Fluid

One potential cause for the brake warning light to turn on is a loss of hydraulic pressure or an indication that your brake fluid is extremely low. Typically if there is a loss of hydraulic pressure, fluid is the issue, but either way this is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If your brake pedal is low or you have to "pump" your brake pedal repeatedly to get the brakes to work, you may be driving on little or not brake fluid and we advise you to stop driving your vehicle immediately and tow your car into our shop. 


If the light you see illuminated is the ABS light, this is referring to your antilock braking system. If the light is on, there is something wrong with this system and it will disable itself. ABS is important when driving over slick or wet surfaces, so this is definitely something you should have inspected right away. 

Parking Brake

The answer to why your brake light is on can be as simple as a stuck parking brake or a failing parking brake sensor, which is relatively simple fix. 

Brake Pads

Very low or worn down brake pads can cause your light to illuminate. Brake pads are necessary to create the friction needed to work your brakes, so you should get these replaced as soon as you can. 

While these are just some of the top reasons why your brake warning light can illuminate, we highly recommend that you get your vehicle into our shop as soon as you see the light turn on. You never want to risk your safety on the road, and some brake issues can progress quickly. For brake repair in Rockville, MD, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Auto Clinic Care today! 


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