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A good mechanic will have your best interests in mind. Sometimes, however, we—as the unknowing consumers of his/her mechanical expertise—need to ask the right questions to ensure the repairs we are receiving are timely and necessary. After all, we live in an expensive culture and we want our money spent wisely. Here at Auto Clinic Care, we want you to be in-the-now regarding your vehicle’s brakes. No one can afford to underestimate or overestimate the necessity of a brake repair, right? So, here are some tips to best care for your brakes—and your pocketbook—before it is time for your next brake repair job: What is your braking style? Are you a “late braker?” Be honest: do you accelerate quickly and brake aggressively? Or, do you coast to a stop and leave a lot of room between you and the vehicle in front of you? This should go without saying, but, hard or late braking will wear down your brake pads and shoes much more quickly. Brake wear can be a warning sign Premature wear and tear on your brakes can be a sign there is another problem with your vehicle. Have you noticed your mechanic suggesting brake pad replacements more often? Don’t know? Ask! Together, look back through the timeline (if kept in their filing system) of your brake pads or shoe replacements. If you find these are getting more and more frequent, there may be another issue. A good mechanic will determine the issue and go over options, if necessary. When discussing repairs with your mechanic, be sure you insist… Your safety and finances are likely your top priorities. Ours, too. The crew at Auto Clinic Care advises you to insist on these key points when you bring in your vehicle for brake repairs, so you can make the most informed decision: - price range confirmation - have all four wheels checked for brake issues every time (we always do!) - options and priorities for repairs: are these “needed repairs” or “suggested repairs?” - compare repair and replacement options for the long-run Where do you live? Here in the Bethesda, MD, area—we have it all: cold weather, hot weather, humidity, salt air, etc. Did you know the elements can affect your vehicle’s brakes? Don’t worry! The cold has little to effect on them. However, the rain or melting snow and ice can result in extra moisture on your brakes or brake fluid. This is particularly concerning if you park outdoors (in a parking lot or side street). Sometimes, this excess water boils from the extra heat your brakes give off due to increased friction. Specific problem: you will notice you need more space and longer time to come to a complete stop. If you notice this trend as you come to a stop, please call Auto Clinic Care to schedule a brake checkup immediately. Do you have more questions about your vehicle’s brakes? Don’t hesitate to call. We would love to be your trusted go-to for brake repairs in Bethesda, MD! Auto Clinic Care 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A Rockville, MD 20852


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