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What Does Auto Service Include?

Auto Clinic Care wants you to take good care of your vehicle so it will last as long as possible. Our number one recommendation is to have regular auto service on your vehicle in order to prevent issues that can arise on vehicles in Chevy Chase, MD. Preventative maintenance is very important. It keeps your car running efficiently and can help prevent larger, more expensive issues from happening later. When you get auto service, you might wonder what all it includes. You know you need regular oil changes and many people are good at remembering that. What else will we do when you get an oil change auto service? Here are a few things. -Check Fluid Levels When you get your oil changed, we already know we need to get rid of the dirty oil and fill the vehicle with new oil to the proper level. But we will also check your other fluid levels including your steering, brake, transmission, windshield washer and antifreeze. When you leave after an oil change, you know all of your fluids are topped off and in good condition. -Check Tire Inflation It would be annoying to leave after auto service and have your vehicle indicate that you have a tire low on air. We check out those details for you while you’re here. Underinflated tires take away from your fuel efficiency and over inflated tires can be dangerous. We’ll make sure each tire is filled to the manufacturer’s recommended level. -Check Battery We will also ensure that your battery is operating well and isn’t about to go out on you. The battery is one of the items that eventually dies when you use a vehicle for many years. IT will have to be replaced eventually. We want to make sure you have fair warning and don’t find yourself late to work because of a dead battery. -Check Air Filtration System You will also know that your air filtration system will be checked over. We want to ensure that your vehicle is running at the peak of its performance and the air filtration system is part of that. We will check over many other things on your vehicle when you bring it in for auto service in Chevy Chase, MD, but don’t worry. We aren’t trying to find things wrong with it just so we can charge you more. This is all a part of preventative maintenance. And we won’t recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to a family member. At Auto Clinic Care, we give you honest jobs done the right way. If you need auto service of any kind, give us a call at service 301-881-7891. You can also stop into our shop, see the waiting room, and ask for details on auto service as well. Come by any time at 5531 Nicholson Ln, Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your vehicle runs at its highest level for as long as possible. Get honest jobs done the right way from us every time!


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