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What Are the Dangers of a Damaged Exhaust System

The exhaust system in your vehicle is important for several reasons:

  1. It ensures that the harmful engine byproducts are corrected before being released into the air. 
  2. It directs exhaust fumes away from vehicle passengers. In other words, it protects you and your passengers from breathing in harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide, that can make you sick. So, don't put your health at risk by driving with a broken exhaust system.
  3. It controls the noise by dampening engine and exhaust sounds.
  4. It ensures a smooth engine combustion process, ensuring an even balance of performance and efficiency.

With that being said, what all could happen if your exhaust system is damaged? Indeed, it will negatively affect engine performance and MPG. If the bad gasses aren't being moved, they can wear down the engine and surrounding parts.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need Exhaust System Repairs

  • Your engine is louder than normal, making tapping or hissing sounds
  • Your engine power has declined
  • Your fuel efficiency isn't as good anymore
  • You catch a burning odor coming from the motor
  • The exhaust pipe is droopy or cracked
  • You detect the smell of gas when driving

If you notice your vehicle exemplifying any of these symptoms recently, please take your car to our trusted auto repair shop immediately. 


In other words, you should not ignore signs of any exhaust problems as the internal damages can worsen and put your safety at risk. Before you know it, your vehicle won't run at all. 

We invite you to Auto Clinic Care at the first sign of an engine or exhaust system problem. Please call or visit our auto repair shop in Rockville, MD, today!

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