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Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Sometimes your car might produce nasty odors that make it impossible for you to invite your friends in for a ride. The smell can permeate your entire vehicle, making your long or short drive uncomfortable. Below are some of the common unusual car smells.

Rotten Egg Smell

To top my list is the unpleasant rotten egg odor that might make you neglect your car for a while because you cannot stand the smell. It is an awful stench that you cannot overlook as it might end up dangerous with failure to address it on time.

A qualified mechanic from our shop can trace the problem to a malfunctioning part in the fuel system. It might be a faulty catalytic converter, fuel pressure sensors, or fuel filters. The damaged parts leak out sulfur, an awful-smelling gas that makes a minor percentage of diesel fuel that permeates your entire vehicle through the cabin.

Gas Odor

Another smell found in cars is that of gas that might indicate mild to severe issues that need urgent attention from one of our mechanics. The problem might be a minor spill of gasoline on your shoes, which can end at any time with clean-up.

Sometimes the gas smell can be strong and last for hours, indicating fuel leaks from the gas cap, fuel tank, or injectors. The prolonged gas smell can affect the peak performance of your car and might even scorch it with exposure to a spark of fire.

Burning Rubber Smell

Last but not least, your car can have a smell of burning rubber that signifies problems. The issue might stem from a loose belt found under the hood or a faulty rubber hose that can come in contact with the hot engine, producing a burning smell.

Our mechanics are well equipped to tighten the loose parts and identify other problems emerging in the system. Oil or fluid leakages or damaged drive belts can also generate burning rubber smells.

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If your vehicle is smelly and you can't find the root cause of the odor, it is wise to drive to Auto Clinic Care for inspections that might pinpoint the issue for prompt repairs or replacement of parts.

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