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Tips for Picking a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

t doesn’t matter if you are going in for a routine appointment or getting major work done after a car accident. You must find the right repair shop. You want to work with trustworthy individuals who are professional and have your interests and safety in mind. At Auto Clinic Care we hope to provide all that and more. Now, if your car is still under warranty, you will need to find a dealership for any warranty repairs. But what if your warranty is expired, or you are just going in for routine maintenance? In these cases most consumers prefer independent repair shops. But how do you find a reliable auto mechanic in Bethesda, MD? The following 5 tips might help: 1. Start Looking before you are Desperate The best advice is to find a good mechanic before your car breaks down and you are desperate. Dealing with an accident or major breakdown is stressful enough. You do not want to compound the problem by settling for a sub-par auto repair shop. So start right away, and don’t feel rushed. 2. Ask for Referrals You have viable resources in your friends, neighbors, and colleagues who all get their cars serviced. Ask around and talk with those who have used repair shops in the area. Specifically find out what they liked about the mechanics, and what they didn’t like. You should be able to compile a list of reputable shops with little effort. 3. Find One for the Make of Your Car Once you have your list, narrow it down by eliminating the shops that don’t specialize in the make and model of your vehicle. Those that do will have manufacture’s certifications. They will not only have the knowledge and skill set to fix problems with your particular brand, but also stay updated on recalls or other advancements. 4. Check other Accreditations and Affiliations Now it is time to do some sleuthing online. The internet makes it easy to check on the company’s reputation. Sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and other social media will offer up customer reviews and honest opinions. Reputable auto repair shops will also be affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA), which is like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The trustworthy organization pre-screens shops. To display the AAA’s Approved Auto Repair (AAR) sign the shop must provide high-quality service performed by certified mechanics. 5. Take the Shop for a Test Drive Want to know what a certain auto repair shop in Bethesda, MD is really like? Nothing compares to firsthand experience. Schedule a small maintenance appointment, like an oil change. Once you are there you can check out the facility, staff, and mechanics. Do you see a well-organized facility with modern equipment? Is the staff professional, helpful, and informative? Are technicians qualified and efficient in their work? Does anything put you off or do you feel like you are in good hands? When settling on an auto repair shop, in the end you should go with your gut. Do not leave repairs on your car to any old service shop. Otherwise you might kick yourself later. Instead, do a little leg work and save yourself a lot of time and grief. Give us a call to set up your appointment. Or visit us at 5531 Nicholson Ln., Ste. A, Rockville, MD 20852.


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