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Here in Potomac, MD, we live in a faster-paced culture where time is Of the Essence.We all get swept into “routine” mindsets and often find ourselves numb to the monotony of everyday life. This includes paying attention to our vehicle’s brakes and prioritizing needed or potentially needed brake repairs. But, ask yourself: when was your last brake check and repair? Has it been a while? That could mean one of two things: you maintain your brakes so well that you can go extra stretches of time without an issue, or you are ignoring good reasons to bring your vehicle to us at Auto Clinic Care. Because we care about all our current and future clients, we urge you to review the importance of timely brake repairs in Potomac, MD! Safety for you, your family, and neighbors: There are all sorts of repairs and maintenance requirements for our vehicles; it’s tough to juggle and prioritize without a professional’s guidance. But, maintaining brakes is so much more important than “a routine maintenance check.” The team here at Auto Clinic Care wants the residents of Potomac and the surrounding areas to be safe. For you and your family’s safety, you must be able to stop when needed. Warning signs: Most of us know the most common signs our vehicle may be due for brake repairs—but let’s review, anyway. If you notice any of the following, please do not wait for these symptoms to worsen before setting an appointment with our team: - Strange sounds: squeaking as you brake is the first sign your pads are wearing low. Grinding could indicate metal-on-metal contact (depleted pads)—which is urgent. - Vibrations while braking: usually indicates warped rotors. - Hard/spongy pedal: a slow-to-respond brake pedal (meaning, you have to press very hard—or harder than you used to) is an emergent issue. Brakes should respond timely; as soon as you press down, even if only lightly. If not, the brakes are likely failing and this is an immediate safety issue! A “spongy” pedal could indicate air in the brake lines which prevents the fluids from properly flowing. This will alter your instinctual responses and timing. Again: extremely necessary to address. - Pulling to the right or left: This is another common symptom your brakes are in need of repairs. If your car is pulling to one side as you stop, it may have worn or uneven brake linings or a damaged brake line. Brakes can also drag because of a contaminated fluid or if they are out of adjustment. Don’t wait to get this checked! Saving money: We all want to save money, right? Unfortunately, sometimes, we have to spend a little to save a lot. For example, replacing brake pads when they begin to squeak is a much less expensive repair than ignoring it until it becomes a metal-on-metal issue. Replacing rotors or drums will not be cheap. Stay ahead of the problem! Our team looks forward to helping you stay safe and preventing unnecessary expenditures.New to Potomac? We’d love to earn your business! Auto Clinic Care offers fair pricing, honest work, and friendly service. We will see you soon! Auto Clinic Care 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A Rockville, MD 20852


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