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The Bi-Annual Auto Service Checklist

Most drivers in Gaithersburg believe that auto service is only necessary when larger problems occur, but the truth is having your car serviced regularly can save you from needing more expensive repairs in the future. Simple services like having your oil changed, your brakes checked, or your tires examined can even help prevent car accidents from occurring. Still, many drivers are unsure of which auto services need to be performed on a regular basis, and how often. To help with this issue, we have put together a short list of auto services to have performed on your vehicle throughout the year. By following this list, you can keep your vehicle in top quality, saving you time and money while keeping you safe. Every Month Complete these services once a month to keep your car driving smoothly. • Oil Levels Have oil levels checked, as well as tank checked for any leaks • Hoses Have any bulging, brittle, or rotten hoses replaced. • Belts Have any worn, frayed or glazed belts replaced. • Tire Pressure Have tire pressure checked • Coolant or Antifreeze Have checked for any leaks or if fluids need to be topped off • Air Filter Have dirty air filters replaced • Tire Inspection Have tires checked for bulges, damage or uneven wear. Every 3 Months Have these services completed every 3 months to avoid excess wear and tear on your vehicle. • Oil and Oil Filter Have oil and oil filter changed every ,000 miles • Windshield Washer Fluid Have extra fluid added if low. • Power Steering Fluid Have power steering fluid topped off. • Transmission Fluid Have transmission fluid topped off. • Battery Terminals and Cables Have any cables or battery terminals cleaned or replaced if corroded. • Lights Have all lights examined Every 6 Months Have these services completed every 6 months, to reduce the likelihood of on road accidents or needing any major repairs. • Wiper Blades Have any worn, brittle or smeary wiper blades replaced. • Horn Ensure horn is tested • Brakes Have brakes inspected for any excess wear and tear. • Spare Tire Have spare tire examined and inflated if needed. • Exhaust System Have exhaust system inspected for any rust, damage, or loose parts. • Shocks Have shocks inspected for oil seepage or excess wear. Having these simple inspections completed by a professional auto technician on a regular basis can significantly decrease the likelihood of larger problems forming later down the line. At Auto Clinic Care, our top priority is to keep you safe on the road, which is why our expert team of technicians has been trained to cover both large and small services. Whether you need an urgent repair or simply need to have your oil changed, you can trust that at Auto Clinic Care you will receive quality customer care and auto service in Gaithersburg, MD you can rely on. With a combined 75 years of auto repair experience, you can trust that every service we provide is of the professional quality. To make your appointment for auto service simply give us a call or visit us in person at 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all your car needs!


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