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Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

The water pump is in charge of transferring water from the radiator through the engine and back. That keeps your car's engine cool and operating at its best - as a result, everything will run smoothly, maintaining a constant temperature. Your vehicle may experience several serious engine issues when the symptoms of a failing water pump start to appear. Here we will share a couple of them so you are aware and prepared before it gets worse.

Coolant Leak

Several gaskets and seals make up the water pump, which keeps coolant contained and guarantees a steady flow of coolant from the radiator to the engine. These seals and gaskets will eventually deteriorate, dry out, and crack. When this occurs, coolant will leak from the water pump and fall to the ground, usually near the front and middle of the engine. Contact a mechanic to examine the issue if you notice a coolant leak anywhere on your car, truck, or SUV. Most of the time, it's a water pump leak that can be fixed before it worsens.

Deteriorated Water Pump

Exposure to elements, constant work, and age can damage the water pump. Rust can form from trapped moisture, all kinds of oil and grime can build up, and corrosion may occur. A slight leak in the water pump can result in a deteriorating water pump, especially if it goes unnoticed. There are obvious signs of this happening - the appearance of the pump is dirty, and it can have holes due to corrosion.

Loose Water Pump Pulley

Your engine is connected to all accessory parts that need power via a belt and pulleys. If the pulley is loose due to damage to the bearings, belts start to make a high-pitched noise that is unmissable. Experiencing water pump problems while hearing this noise means that it's most certainly a loose or broken pulley.

Water Pump Failure? No Worries!

Repairing any of these issues is not a problem for us. Our team of skilled and experienced mechanics will fulfill almost all your automotive needs. Give your car the care it deserves by calling Auto Clinic Care for your next visit!

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