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Signs You Need Brake Repair

There are many important aspects to your vehicle that allow you to get around where you go while keeping you safe. The brakes are very high on that list. There’s nothing safe about driving when you need brake repair. But how do you know your vehicle needs brake repair in Kensington, MD ? These signs will help you recognize when your can may be heading towards being unsafe. Sign#1: Strange Sounds Whenever you touch the brake, if you hear a squealing or grinding sound, it is a good sign that brake repair is in order. Your brakes aren’t totally shot yet, but the pads likely need to be replaced. If you ignore the issue, the brakes could give up completely and you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Even brakes that are starting to go back get dangerous. Your stop time is longer and if you don’t realize how much longer it takes you to stop, you could easily rear end another vehicle. Sign#2: Pulling If you push on the brakes and you feel like your car is pulling you a certain direction, you might think something in your steering is out of whack. In reality, it is more likely your brakes. You need brake repair if you have a stuck caliper, which can pull your vehicle when you brake and turn certain directions. Pulling doesn’t always indicate a brake problem, but if your car has a mind of its own and wants you to go a certain way, your brakes could be an issue and you need to get them checked out. Sign#3: Vibrations If you have ever driven on ice and started to slide, you know what it feels like when your antilock brakes kick in. If you feel that pulsing vibration when you are trying to stop on dry pavement, your brakes could have warped rotors. If you drive on a lot of hills or live in a hot climate, the rotors can easily warp. Even if your brakes are okay, your car may be out of alignment, which can cause a whole host of issues. It is best to take the vehicle in for brake repair or a checkup to see what’s going on. Sign#4: Hard Pedal If you have to push the pedal on your brake down to the floor before you get a response, you need brake repair as soon as possible. The pedal should respond as soon as you touch it, even if you only push it down slightly. When the pedal stops forcing the car to respond, the brakes are close to shot. Auto Clinic Care invites you to stop by the shop for brake repair or any other service or maintenance need your vehicle has. We are located at 5531 Nicholson Lane, Suite A, Rockville, MD 20852. Give us a call to set up an appointment today. We take pride in offering honest jobs done the right way. We’re happy to answer any questions about the repairs you need until you are satisfied with the process.


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