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Signs That Your Timing Belt Is Failing

The timing belt or timing chain is an integral part of automobiles then and now. It turns your engine’s camshaft synchronously to ensure that each engine cylinder fires at the right time. In most vehicles, the timing belt is located under the timing belt cover at the front of the engine. If your vehicle has a belt, it is most likely made of high-quality rubber held by nylon chords. Whereas, a chain is strictly made of metal.

Your engine won’t run without a fully functional timing belt or timing chain. In general, a timing chain has a much longer lifespan than a timing belt. Therefore, if your vehicle has a timing belt, you will need to replace it at one point. Some automakers have a recommended interval for when you change the timing belt. You can find this in the owner’s guidebook.

Warning Signs of a Failing Timing Belt

Another way you can tell when your timing belt is on its way out is by inspecting it or checking for its warning signs. Below are the top symptoms that indicate it is time to change the belt:

  • Less engine power
  • Engine misfiring
  • Engine not turning over
  • Leaking motor oil
  • Physical wear and tear

If you notice the rubber on the belt glazing, cracking, or other type of damage to the belt, you should immediately replace it. Otherwise a broken timing belt can cost you a ton of engine damage to repair.

It can be difficult to diagnose an aging timing belt without professional expertise. Therefore, we welcome you to Auto Clinic Care for timing belt inspections. We can check it at every oil change to ensure you’re always in-the-know about its condition. More importantly, you should rely on a professional mechanic to perform your timing belt replacement.

For smooth engine performance and quality timing belt or chain repairs, please bring your car, SUV, or truck to Auto Clinic Care.

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