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Show Your Car Some Love This Valentine's Day

For most of us, our cars are what gets us from place to place every day. You could call it a special connection (if you will). Like any relationship, there's give and take; to ensure your car continues to provide you with safe, reliable, and efficient rides, why not give your sweet ride some love this Valentine's Day? Below are some ways you can give back to your car:

Have your car detailed

First and foremost, when was the last time you washed your car? The inside? A great way to kick off the year and show your vehicle some love is by having it detailed. This ensures your vehicle gets carefully cleaned inside and out; you (and your car) will feel brand new again.

Check and rotate your tires

During this time of year, the pressure in your tires often contracts, causing underinflated tires. As a result, you could experience a drop in your gas mileage and make your tires wear down faster. Regularly measuring your tire pressure, making adjustments, and rotating your tires are all excellent practices to ensure safe and efficient tire wear.

Change your oil and filter

An oil and filter change can help put the engine stress away. Over miles and miles of driving, your engine oil will naturally become dirty, causing your oil to lose its lubricating properties. When in doubt, your car will always appreciate you for getting an oil change.

Test your battery

Over time, your car battery terminals tend to accumulate corrosion. This happens more often when the battery connections aren't secure. Feel free to bring your vehicle to Auto Clinic Care for a battery test and inspection. A battery replacement is often recommended every two or more years.

Replace your windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are often overlooked when it comes to our vehicles. To avoid getting caught in the rain or snowstorm with impaired wipers, you should have them replaced so that you are guaranteed to see clearly through any driving conditions.

Inspect belts and hoses

A belt or hose failure can lead to catastrophic failures such as an overheated engine, loss of power steering, and a dead electrical system. To ensure none of this happens, please have a professional tech inspect your belts and hoses for signs of damage or excessive wear.


For assistance on any of the above services, please bring your vehicle to the expert team at Auto Clinic Care in Rockville, MD. 

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