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Preventative Maintenance and Regular Auto Service

There are a number of things you do in your life in order to prevent other things from happening. You floss your teeth to prevent gum disease. You wash the dishes to prevent a big pile up in the sink. You get preventative maintenance done on your vehicle so you can avoid a breakdown or major repair later. Some of these items you are probably better at keeping up with than others and sometimes auto service in Bethesda, MD falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Let’s look at preventative maintenance a little closer and see if we can get auto service back up on your list. What is Preventative Maintenance? There are many ways to define auto service in terms of preventative maintenance. Basically, this maintenance is servicing your vehicle for the purpose of maintaining the various equipment within the vehicle. Some of the auto service items are simply like systematic inspections. These inspections lead to early detection so you can correct items before they get worse and cost more. Other auto service items include adjusting things like rotating your tires so they wear evenly. And there are also items that need to be done regularly to keep the vehicle running efficiently, like oil changes. Why Auto Services are Important? Every vehicle is different and if you want to know what your vehicle needs in terms of regular auto service, it is a good idea to refer to the manual that came with your vehicle from the manufacturer. If you don’t want to read through the details, ask a trusted technician at Auto Clinic Care to help you keep up to date with the services your vehicle needs. All vehicles will need regular oil changes, but the distance between the oil changes varies. You will also want to keep on top of other fluids and plenty of other elements in order to ensure your car is running efficiently. The items in the vehicle’s manual are listed there for a reason. They need to be done as suggested. Auto Service List While not every vehicle will need things at the same time, these are some of the general preventive maintenance items to have done at regular intervals. -Tire rotation -Tire pressure check -Wheel enlightenment -Spark plug and wire replacement -Belt and hose check -Brake and Clutch inspection -Oil changes -Suspension check Preventative maintenance and regular auto service are key to the safety and reliability of your vehicle, as well as to its efficiency and longevity. If you need any kind of auto service in Bethesda, MD, give Auto Clinic Care a call at 301-881-7891. We take pride in offering honest jobs done right each and every time you come into our shop with your vehicle. Stop by and see us today at 5531 Nicholson Ln, Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852. We’re happy to help you set up a schedule for auto service and preventative maintenance measures to keep you safe and to keep your vehicle operating well.


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