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Preparing your Car for Winter in Maryland

With the cold weather upon us and snow in the forecast, it is time to winterize your vehicle. By taking your vehicle to a reliable Bethesda, MD auto repair shop you can prepare for the cold and keep your car running safely. You want to prepare for the worst weather expected of winters in Bethesda, MD. 1. Check Coolant and Antifreeze When you are freezing, this magical substance is what keeps your engine from doing the same. Without it, the engine can get cold and yes, even freeze. You will want to have the technician check the coolant levels and antifreeze levels. They should also look for any leaks in the system. 2. Tire Pressure and Tread Depth Handling in the snow depends on good tires, especially with snow and ice forming on the roads. With a few simple steps, the technician can check your tires. First, they will use a gauge to test the tire pressure, and match it to the numbers listed in your service manual. If tire pressure is low they will fill it to meet requirements. At our auto repair shop, they will also make sure your tires have the proper amount of tread. 3. Special Wiper Fluid You might also consider using winter windshield wiper fluid. Ordinary fluid freezes when it comes in contact with windshields in freezing temperatures. This renders it practically useless. The special winter fluid is specifically designed to face the rigors of colder weather. It has ingredients so it will not freeze. In fact, it can work to loosen snow and ice, and help make the window easier to clear. You also want to have the mechanic check and replace wiper blades if necessary. 4. Winter Grade Oil Like winter grade wiper fluid, there is also a special oil you can switch to in the winter months. In the colder weather, you might want a thinner oil to keep your engine operating properly. Our auto repair shop professionals will know the best viscosity to use in your car during winter. For example, if your car typically takes a 10W-30, you might consider using a 5W-30 oil. 5. Heater System This isn’t just about your comfort, but also your safety. You want to have the technician check to make sure the heating system works, that the core is sound, and that your blower works. Most importantly, you want to be sure the "defrost" is working. 6. Garage or Shelter If you have a garage, be sure to use it in the winter to help protect your car. It won’t just protect the paint job, but also guard against freezing. If you don’t have a garage, you should consider investing in a car cover to keep the snow and ice off. 7. Make a Winter Supply Box The worst thing that might happen during winter is getting stranded on the side of the road. A box of winter supplies can make a huge difference when something goes wrong during travel. The box might include a flashlight, box of batteries, granola bars or some mixed nuts, water, extra gloves and hats, a radio, a first aid kit, and a couple of blankets. You might also consider adding a bag of sand to the back for extra traction. It is foolhardy to venture out into the winter without preparing first. Bring your vehicle to Auto Clinic Care for a proper winterization service. Contact us or visit us at 5531 Nicholson Ln., Ste. A, Rockville, MD 20852 as soon as possible.


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