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Oil Changes: Conventional, Semi-Synthetic, or Synthetic Oil?


As a driver, you may not be aware that there is more than 1 type of motor oil that can go into your car. At Auto Clinic Care, we can help you determine whether your vehicle works best with synthetic, semi-synthetic or synthetic blend, or conventional oil. Most of the time, it depends on several factors, including the manufacturer’s requirements, the climate you are in, your driving habits, or the age of your vehicle.


The 3 Types of Motor Oil

Synthetic: This type of oil is chemically engineered to be more consistent and with fewer impurities. Synthetic oil is recommended for vehicles that demand peak level performance, and it helps improve fuel efficiency and can even escalate a car’s horsepower. Typically, artificial oil costs double to quadruple times more than conventional oil. Additionally, if you live in a territory with extreme winters and/or summers or utilize your vehicle for towing or hauling, synthetic oil may be the preferred type of oil for your vehicle. Matured engines could also be advantageous from synthetic oil, as it can deter harmful deposit build-up that some older engines seem to be susceptible to.

Semi-Synthetic: As you can probably guess by the name, semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of both synthetic and conventional base oil. It has many of the attributes of full synthetic oil but at a more affordable price. With certain additives, it provides fantastic low-temperature properties. Drivers can also use it to safely transition their vehicles from conventional to synthetic at a fraction of the cost of fully synthetic oil.

Conventional: This type of oil is most commonly used and comes in various viscosities and qualities. This traditional oil is recommended for light-duty, older-model vehicles with simpler engine designs. It is also the cheapest of the three oils.

So far, this may be more information than you wanted to know about the types of motor oil used in cars, so do not worry if this is overwhelming. Please leave it to our trained technicians at Auto Clinic Care to give you a more precise recommendation for your vehicle. If you are in the Rockville, Maryland area and require an oil change, visit or call us at (301) 945-7198 to make an appointment today. We are always ready to serve you!

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