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Let’s Play ‘Would You Rather’ Brake Repair Style!

No one wants to need brake repair, but it happens. In order to show you the importance of prompt brake repair, let’s play a little ‘Would you Rather’ game. Before we get started, keep in mind that Auto Clinic Care is here to help you with any of your brake repair needs in Chevy Chase, MD. Would you rather… Have your brakes fail OR be notified sooner that they were in need of repair? There’s no question that no driver wants their brakes to fail while they are driving, especially at a high speed. It’s downright dangerous to have brakes go out while you are on the road. If you see any signs of brake failure, please bring your vehicle to us immediately. It is a good idea to come to use for regular maintenance items, like oil changes. At that time, we’ll check on your brakes and if you need brake repair, we’ll let you know. That way, you won’t have to worry about brake failure at all. Would you rather… Repair something small now OR repair something large and expensive later? There are a lot of moving parts on the brake system of your vehicle. When we do regular maintenance on your car, we might notice something small wrong with your brakes. The brake pads, for example, wear out on every vehicle eventually. The brake pads are a relatively small item to fix, especially in comparison to the other issues that arise if you don’t replace them when they are starting to show wear. It’s much easier to replace something small and inexpensive now than it is to wait and have to do something major and expensive later. Would you rather… Take your chances with squeaky brakes OR bring your vehicle to us for brake repairs? You run a busy life. When your brakes are squealing, you might think it’s okay to drive on them until you notice other signs. Squeaking brakes ARE a big sign and you really should bring your vehicle to us for brake repair. Unless you chose that answer above that you want to repair something large later or that you want your brakes to fail on you… But we’re pretty sure you don’t want that to happen! So bring your vehicle to us at the first sign that brake repair might be necessary. We’ll check things out and let you know where your brakes stand. IF you need brake repair for your vehicle in Chevy Chase, MD, call Auto Clinic Care at 301-881-7891 and set up an appointment. We’re here for you at 5531 Nicholson Ln, Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852. We offer honest brake repair done right. We won’t tell you things need to be repaired unless they truly need to be repaired. We treat customers like family members and hold you in the highest regard. We wouldn’t take advantage of family and we won’t take advantage of you either! Don’t take a chance with your safety when it comes to brakes. Look into brake repair at the first sign of need.


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