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Just as your body sends you warning signs of an oncoming illness, your car communicates its needs too. Often times (and especially for those of us unfamiliar with how vehicles work), we dismiss warnings that it may be time for a tune-up. Our team at Auto Clinic Care in Rockville, MD is a group of experts in the auto service industry. We want to help you keep an eye on your vehicle and so you know when it is time to bring it to us for an auto service repair or diagnostics check. Below is a list of 5 signs you may want to bring your vehicle to us. 1. Occasional or frequent stalling or rough idling Unfortunately, many do not recognize the signs of a needed auto service repair and find themselves leery of recommendations by a knowledgeable mechanic. If your vehicle stalls while running or “jumps” and seems to “refuse” to increase in speed after gearing down, it is most likely faulty spark plugs or dirty connectors. Your car needs its fuel to ignite properly to keep moving. If at all possible, try to pay attention to the details. Os it cold outside? Hot? Does this happen only when the air conditioner is running or momentarily after turning the heat on? These details will help us identify the source of the issue and keep you safe on the road. 2. Knocking sounds Do you hear or feel a “knock” when accelerating or driving uphill? Typically, this is a sign of engine inefficiency. A simple tune-up or minor auto repair may solve this problem. 3. Difficulty starting car This should go without saying, but unfortunately, many people notice this red flag and procrastinate having it checked out. This could indicate a variety of things including a weak battery, ignition issues, or transmission failure. Whatever it is, the longer you go without having your car inspected, the more problematic this could become. 4. Poor gas mileage If your car seems to be losing fuel efficiency, it may be a sign that your vehicle is not utilizing fuel the way it should. It could be as simple as replacing dirty or faulty spark plugs or some other relatively minor auto service repair. 5. Past-due on manufacturer recommendations Not everyone reads their manufacturer’s recommendations and even if you have, you might be overdo on carrying them out. Even if your car is showing no sign of pending trouble, keeping ahead of problems known to afflict cars of all ages is important to the longevity of your vehicle’s life. You do the same for your body when you appropriately hydrate, take vitamins, eat properly, and get a good night’s sleep. At Auto Clinic Care, we want to keep your vehicle “healthy” and running like new so you can avoid the big-ticket repairs in the future. Give us a call or stop by our shop at 5531 Nicholson Lane, Suite A, Rockville, MD. You can trust us for your Rockville, MD auto service and repair needs!


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