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How To Make A Old Car Look Like New

Older cars still have their appeal to a lot of people. If you are one of them or own an older vehicle, you might have asked yourself how to freshen it up. We can give you some insight into how the pros do it by sharing a few steps and tips. For the best result, do them in the order we have listed:

Change And Repair Small Issues

First, let's start with repairing any minor issues like interior and exterior lights or trim parts. This will make the car look complete and roadworthy.

Give It A Good Wash

After that give it a good outside wash, either at a car wash or at home. If you are doing it at home, consider buying a good brand of cleaning solution made specifically for vehicles. Keep in mind that lower parts are usually dirtier.
Pro-Tip: Make sure to clean the rims and any leaves or other debris in the space between the hood and window. 

Clean Out the Interior

Get rid of any trash in the interior and give it a clean with an interior cleaning product. A small brush can help to get in between all the cracks and crevasses.

Correct The Paint

Wait! Don't get scared. Correcting the paint can be done very easily. Some repair shops and dealerships have a pen that is sold, filled with the paint needed for your vehicle. Light touch-ups can be done by hand, for example, on scratches.

Use A Interior Surface Product

If your interior consists of leather, we strongly recommend investing in a really good interior surface product or something similar. Look for a product that makes the materials in the interior fresh and rich in color.

Defog The Headlights

This is probably the most difficult of all the tips. But we are here to help. To do this, you will have to get the headlights off, and either purchases a grinding wheel or a lot of sandpaper. This procedure consists of removing the damaged surface layer of the headlights and polishing them afterward. There are hundreds of videos online explaining the process very well. 

Wax And Polish The Paint

You can purchase a wax and polish kit online or in automotive stores. They are usually very easy to work with and can be done in less than a day. Waxing the car will make it resistant to bad stains and buildup, and polishing it will bring out the color of the paint and its shine.

You can also use these tips if you are looking to sell an old vehicle. All this will bring a new life to the car, and if maintenance work is done, like an oil change or tune-up, it can really make it feel like it just came out of the dealership. We can accomplish that at Auto Clinic Care.

Finally, keep in mind that old cars need a little bit of elbow grease and time to keep them running and looking good. But if you are a car enthusiast, that's a small cost to pay

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