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How Ignoring Brake Repair Can Damage Your Car

You want your vehicle to stop safely, but you also don’t want to pay for brake repair unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you feel your brakes might have issues, it is better to get brake repair sooner rather than later. Brakes allow you to stop correctly and when they are worn, they can be dangerous. Ignoring brake repair issues can also cause other damage to your car like some of the following items. Worn Rotors The first thing that wears down on your brakes is the pad. If you feel signs that the pads are going and you ignore brake repair options, the rotors will go next. Once the pads are worn away, the pressure will apply to the rotors instead. The rotors then often warp, ground down, or crack. They are a much more expensive replacement than pads. If you pay attention to your brakes and simply replace the pads as necessary, the rotors can last a long time and you can save a lot of money. Calipers The calipers are clamps that fit over the rotor and connect to the brake pads. They control the brake pad sandwich and help you to stop. The brake pads act as a buffer between the rotor and calipers. When the brake pads get too thin and worn, there is nothing between those two parts and they grind against one another. The calipers are an important component and they can get damaged without proper brake pads. They also cost a lot more money to replace than simple pads. Suspension Bad brakes can throw the whole suspension system off, which can cause the car to be out of alignment. This can damage many different components. Once the suspension system is damaged from bad brakes, you could have problems with the suspension even after you fix the brakes. It is very important to get brake repair as soon as you notice an issue so you don’t have lifelong problems with suspension because of bad brakes. Tires You know you don’t want to drive on bald tires and every time you use your brakes, your tires wear a tiny bit. If you have to slam on the brakes in order to get them to work at all, the rubber on the tires wears down faster. This could lead to exposed treat and tire failure. At that point, bad brakes are not your only issue and you have to pay for new tires and brake repair. Bad brakes can also cause your tires to be unbalanced or misaligned, which can cause a whole host of issues for the tires and other components within the vehicle. Whether you need brake repair in Potomac, MD , regular maintenance or any other type of repair, Auto Clinic Care is here for you. We offer honest jobs done right for every customer we serve. You are welcome to stop by our shop at 5531 Nicholson Lane, Suite A, Rockville, MD 20852 and ask any questions you have. You can also call for an appointment at 301-881-7891.


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