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Engines And Combustion Explained

Have you ever wondered about how engines work and how they deliver power to the wheels? If you have, you are in the right place because we will give you a simple and short explanation of this complex process. Continue reading to find out exactly how these marvels of engineering work.

Air Intake

The first step every engine goes through is the air intake. Air is collected by all of the curves and vents of the car and directed to the air filter. Its job is to filter the air and get rid of any contaminants that would damage the engine. The air itself is injected into the engine through valves.

Fuel Injection

Fuel is pumped from the gas tank to the engine by the fueling system. Then it goes into the fuel injectors, which spray an exact amount into the cylinders. This action is timed to the millisecond to ensure the engine's working at its best. 

Compression And Ignition

The fuel and air in the cylinders are compressed to mix them and ensure a powerful explosion. When the prison is at its highest position, the mixture is ignited, which, as a result, pushes down the piston. This is called a chemical to mechanical energy conversion. 

One thing we have to look at is the two types of engines and how they ignite the fuel. In diesel engines, the fuel is ignited as a result of the temperature from the compression process. On the other hand, in gasoline engines, ignition happens because of an external source, a spark given by the spark plugs. 

Power Delivery

When the explosion happens inside the cylinder, the chemical power is converted into mechanical power by the pistons moving down. When they do so, the crankshaft spins and transfers the power to the transmission, which is then adjusted to the driver's input through the shifter.


After the explosion, all of the leftover emissions are directed to the exhaust system, where they are filtered and discarded.

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