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Do I Have A Faulty Alternator?

An alternator is a simple car component with few parts, but it plays a major role in ensuring your gasoline-powered car functions appropriately. The alternator converts mechanical energy from the crankshaft into electricity through induction. The current produced recharges your car's battery, and it also powers accessories such as headlights and dashboard lights as well as sound and air conditioning systems.

Just like other car components, alternators are subject to damage and wear and tear. Keep reading to find out some telltale signs your car has a faulty alternator.

Burning Rubber or Wire Smell

An odor of burning wires or rubber could be a symptom of wear and tear on sections of your alternator. This usually occurs due to the rampant friction on the alternator's drive belt. Additionally, an overworked alternator or one that has frayed wires can produce a burning smell, similar to an electrical fire. Also, destroyed wires can block the smooth flow of electric currents, causing the wires to heat up and produce a foul odor.

Whining Sounds

Whining sounds coming from beneath the hood indicate an alternator problem, and you should seek immediate assistance from a professional if you notice the issue. The sounds emerge when the belt rotating the alternator's pulley is aligned or rubs against the pulley. Defective bearings that spin the rotor shaft bearings can also cause whining sounds.

Malfunctioning Accessories

Inadequate power supply by the alternator can cause electrical failures for some accessories. If you discover your car's windows taking a long time to roll up or down, the windshield jams or the speedometer behaves awkwardly, then there might be an issue with the alternator.

Vehicle stalls Frequently or Doesn't Start

If you have problems starting your car can imply the alternator doesn't charge the battery. Additionally, if your vehicle stalls often while driving, the spark plugs may be receiving limited power from the alternator to keep them running.

Get Your Alternator Fixed Today!

If you're constantly experiencing electrical issues with your car, then it's time to look for a professional mechanic. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Auto Clinic Care today if you need alternator repair services.

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