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Curb Strikes - Are They Really That Bad?

Are Curb Strikes Bad? | Auto Clinic Care

That heart-wrenching scraping sound, your wheels hitting the curb, is enough to make any car enthusiast uncomfortable. But what's the big deal, you might wonder? Is it the same as a scratch on your paint? Well, not exactly; while it can damage the rims, it also affects the structure of the wheel itself.

Think of curbs as potholes' sneaky cousins. While potholes are the obvious villains on the road, curbs often lurk in plain sight, waiting to take a toll on your wheels and rims. Even at low speeds, hitting a curb can transmit a shockwave through your vehicle's suspension and potentially damage your wheels and tires.

Does It Affect Wheel Alignment and Tires?

One of the most immediate consequences of a curb strike is misaligned wheels. Even a slight impact can throw your wheels out of alignment, leading to uneven tire wear and compromising your vehicle's handling. Your car might start pulling to one side, making it harder to steer straight.

When it comes to tires, we also have a few things to share. Scraping your wheels against the curb can be particularly harsh on your tires. It can cause sidewall damage, punctures, or even flat tires. Replacing tires can be an expensive affair, so it's best to avoid curb strikes and protect your rubber friends.

Cosmetic Catastrophe

Let's not forget the cosmetic aspect. Your wheels are often a statement of your car's style. Scrapes, scuffs, and scratches from curb strikes can mar their appearance, diminishing your car's overall aesthetic. While it's not just about looks, preserving your car's visual appeal is undoubtedly a plus.

Cost and Repair Considerations

Repairing the damage caused by a curb strike can be surprisingly expensive. Fixing bent rims, realigning the wheels, and replacing damaged tires can add up quickly. Avoiding these expenses is a good enough reason to steer clear of curbs.

Suspension Stress

Your car's suspension system is designed to absorb shocks from the road, but a curb strike can push it to the limit. Over time, repeated curb strikes can wear out suspension components, leading to a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. Furthermore, if the tires are turned while a curb is being hit, you risk the whole suspension being twisted and damaged.

Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell your car, curb damage can significantly reduce its resale value. This especially applies to expensive or alloy rims - their aftermarket is quite big, so keep that in mind.

If you think that an unseen curb damage your wheels or suspension, Auto Clinic Care is here to help! Along with tire-related services, we also offer a wide variety of procedures that you can take advantage of while you are at the shop.

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