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Build a Good Relationship with Your Mechanic

At Auto Clinic Care, customer service is our number one priority. We provide honest service done the right way. Because we are a family owned and operated company near Chevy Chase, MD, all of our customers are important to us. You shouldn’t have to question your service or the quality of work you receive. Unfortunately, tales of crooked mechanics are rampant. As a result, most car owners are wary and defensive about visiting an auto repair shop—even ones with a good reputation. Your repairs and routine maintenance would be much simpler if you had a good relationship with your technician. Steps to Build a Better Relationship with Your Mechanic Here are a few tips to follow: 1. Show Your Loyalty It isn’t always beneficial to shop around for the best deal every time you need service. When you find an auto repair shop that gives you honest, quality work at a reasonable price, reward them with your loyalty. As a loyal customer, you are more likely to get special incentives and price cuts on minor fees. Not to mention the technician can become familiar with your driving habits and complete your repairs more quickly. 2. Take Care of your Vehicle Early detection is key. At Auto Clinic Care, we don’t relish the prospect of telling our customers they need expensive repairs. This is especially true when it comes from a lack of preventative maintenance. We much prefer customers who come in for regularly-scheduled maintenance. That way, we can keep an eye on the car and watch out for problems, hopefully getting to them before larger issues arise. 3. Open Communication Hiding symptoms will not save you money. In fact, it might result in more charges for the additional diagnosis. If you have noticed something off about your car, like an odd noise or fluid leaks, tell your technician up front. Anything out of the ordinary will help your mechanic decipher the problem rather than waiting for them to read your mind. Not telling them about certain symptoms could result in an incomplete repair. And if you happened to take your car to another auto repair shop in the last few months, tell your mechanic what was done. 4. Share Trust Sometimes during a repair, a technician will discover other more serious problems that were not readily accessible prior to the repair. Understand that a good technician is not just trying to up-sell. They are attempting to tell you the truth about your vehicle so you can make informed decisions about the repairs you need. Be prepared for these instances. Instead of getting defensive, remember the mechanic has your best interest in mind. 5. Referrals There is no better way to compliment your mechanic than by bringing in new business. This mean you have had a good experience and you are happy with your services. Benefits of Having a Good Relationship with your Auto Repair Shop Our technicians at Auto Clinic Care are friendly people who are ready and willing to answer your questions. While we treat every customer with care and respect, our loyal customers are the ones we enjoy the most. The familiarity is nice! This type of relationship is sure to make repairs more enjoyable on both sides. Want reliable auto mechanics in Chevy Chase, MD that you can talk to and trust? Call our auto repair shop or come visit us, 5531 Nicholson Ln., Ste. A, Rockville, MD 20852.


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