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A Visit to the Family (Car) Doctor

There are, unfortunately, plenty of car owners in Kensington, MD who prescribe to the “Out of sight, Out of mind” philosophy to owning an automobile. These are the folks who assume that their car will take care of it itself and blissfully ignore any of the sights and/or sounds that alert them to trouble. Engine knocking? Ignore it! Smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe? Didn’t see a thing! Tires under-inflated? It adds character to the vehicle! And so it goes until the vehicle stops dead in its tracks or is pulled over for any number of violations that point to the vehicle being unsafe for you and those around you. Two Quarts of Oil and Call Me in the Morning Taking life as it comes is okay for some things, but your automobile is not one of them! It’s a fact that when basic vehicle maintenance is ignored, the impact is ugly (not to mention expensive). There’s a lot of truth in the correlation between a Kensington, MD auto repair shop and your family physician. You wouldn’t deprive yourself or a loved one a visit to the doctor, so why would ignore the need to bring your car in for an annual checkup? The focal point of a vehicle checkup ensures that the engine is running properly. That means belts that aren’t dry or cracked, new spark plugs as needed, brakes and brake pads that allow you to stop on a dime and an oil change that is in synch with the number of miles you’re putting on the car. From there, it can only get better as we don’t ignore the little things either like proper tire inflation and balancing. Safety First Bringing your car into to a Kensington, MD auto repair shop not only extends the life of your vehicle, but also ensures that it is safe for you and those around you. Ignoring something as elementary as a burned out brake light or turning signal can lead to trouble on the road. It’s just not worth it. If you have a new car, your warranty demands you follow a certain periodic maintenance schedule. If your vehicle has put its best years behind it, it’s even more important to schedule an annual or semi annual visit to a Kensington, MD auto repair shop. Just Like a Family Doctor When it comes to choosing a Kensington, MD auto shop, the smart choice is Auto Clinic Care. Think of us as your family doctor…but for your automobile. We’ll give your vehicle the best checkup possible to ensure that it’s up and running in no time and stays that way! The trained and certified Auto Clinic Care technicians proudly serve Kensington, MD and all the surrounding areas. Auto Clinic Care is located at 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852. ACC's business hours are Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. Give us a call today (301) 881-7891 or shoot us email. Auto Clinic Care: Here for you. Here for your car. Now THAT'S a winning combination!


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