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7 Car Emergency Kit Must-Haves

You don't need a pair of jumper cables until your battery dies. An emergency tool kit is not required until repairs on the side of the road have to be done. The point is that you don't need certain things until an emergency situation is present. That's why we have made a short list of seven must-have emergency items to put in the trunk.

1. Flashlight

A handy flashlight with some spare batteries can come in handy in quite a lot of situations. Furthermore, it takes up almost no space, so make sure to bring one wherever you go, especially camping.

2. Reflective Vest

If all of a sudden, your vehicle's lights start to malfunction at night, other drivers have no way of seeing you from afar. This is why a reflective vest can be helpful and even save lives.

3. Tool Kit

A lot of vehicles come with a tool kit made specifically for them. Sadly, most people throw them away or put them in the garage. By doing so, you risk being unprepared for any emergency road repairs that can save you from being stranded.

4. Spare Tire

Spare tires are commonly left at home to save space and weight. But the purpose of a spare tire is to be available at all times, including emergencies. 

5. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are one of the most essential emergency kit must-haves. With a simple jump-start, you can avoid towing services or help a friend stranded on the road. 

6. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit contains everything needed to tend to surface wounds or cuts. Some even include a tourniquet meant for serious accidents. They are sold in gas stations and car-related stores.

7. Fire Starter

While it may sound weird at first, a fire starter or fire kit can be very helpful. This especially applies to people who like to go camping or travel through rough terrain. If you are stranded somewhere, a little bit of heat from a campfire can save you from a lot of trouble.

If you do need emergency repairs, make sure to stop by Auto Clinic Care! Our team will be happy to help out with anything bothering you and causing you trouble!

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