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6 Signs Your Vehicle Needs its Brakes Repaired

Drivers in Gaithersburg and around the country often put off auto repairs until it’s too late. But, there is one repair in particular that should never be delayed. Your brakes can be considered one of the most important parts for keeping your vehicle and your life safe. Still, many drivers aren’t aware of the tell-tale signs that their brakes need to be repaired or replaced entirely. To help keep you safe on the road, we have put together a short list of signs to be aware of while driving. If you notice any of these signs, we highly recommend bringing your vehicle in immediately to have your brakes examined. You Hear a Squealing Noise When You Apply the Brakes. Odd noises are one of the most common signs that a car is in need of a repair. If you are greeted with a high pitch squealing noise every time you apply pressure to your brakes, chances are they have become worn down and are in need of a repair. Your Brake Dashboard Light is Lit. While it’s easy for most drivers to write off a dashboard light as an electric problem, this is one area where it’s better safe than sorry. Considering your brakes are responsible for allowing you to suddenly stop your car, it’s best to make sure that light isn’t an indicator of a bigger problem. You Feel a Grinding or Bumpy Sensation When You Apply the Brakes. This sign may also be accompanied by a noise. If it feels as though your brakes are struggling to come to a complete halt, it’s a sign that their belts are worn down. This could be a simple repair, but if put off too long a complete brake replacement may be needed. When You Hit Your Brakes, You Have to Force Your Foot Down. Remember how little effort was needed to brake when you first purchased your car? Brakes don’t require a great deal of force to stop. If your car currently requires your foot going through the floor to come to a complete halt, it’s a sign your brakes are on their last leg. When You Brake, You Can Feel Your Car Shake, Vibrate, or Drag If you feel a subtle vibrating or shaking while attempting to hold your brake gear down, that’s your brakes letting you know there’s a problem. Bring your vehicle in to ensure your brakes have not become too worn down. You Need to Brake Your Car Sooner Than Usual. Your brakes should be able to come to a complete stop in the event of an emergency. If it requires a great distance to brake your car, you are putting your vehicle and yourself at risk. If you are experiencing one or more of the above signs, we highly suggest bringing your car in to have your brakes examined. At Auto Clinic Care, we understand how scary dealing with faulty brakes can be, which why our highly trained Gaithersburg, MD brake repair technicians do a quality job of keeping your vehicle safe on the road. To schedule a brake repair give us a call or visit us in person at 5531 Nicholson Ln Ste A Rockville, MD 20852.


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