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5 Tips for Finding a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

In difficult economic times, some drivers choose to keep their vehicle instead of upgrading to a new one. This is a great way to save money, but having an older car usually means keeping up on routine maintenance and repairs. For this, you need a reliable auto repair shop in Chevy Chase, MD. But how do you ensure the place you choose has certified and experienced mechanics? Here are some steps to follow: 1. Certifications If you ask, the managers or mechanics should be happy to show you proof of their credentials. They should be ASE certified and belong to an organization for qualified mechanics. If they get defensive, or can’t show you their certifications, that is your cue to leave. Your car is too much of an investment and holds too much value for you to just let anyone with a wrench work on it. 2. References You want to find an auto repair shop with excellent references. Word of mouth is often sufficient. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family who they use in the area. They will give you honest opinions about their experiences. This is especially true if they have had a bad experience. And you don’t have to stop there. There are also several online resources, like Yelp, you can use. These reviews will give you a good idea about the shop’s reputation. 3. Organization The next thing you want to do is give the shop a drive by. Take a look inside and check for cleanliness and organization. You don’t want to wait in a cold, dingy room while your car is worked on. You want a shop that respects your comfort and welfare. The floors and chairs should be clean, same goes for the restrooms. Now, the technician’s workstations won’t be spotless. However, they should be organized and efficient. Also, the car lot should have a decent flow of cars coming in and out. Too many cars could mean you will have longer wait times, but a lack of cars could mean the repair shop doesn’t have a great reputation. 4. Transparency Good mechanics will charge you a fair price with no hidden fees, charges, or surprises. An estimate that starts out at a couple hundred dollars should not end up costing you thousands. Technicians should also be able to clearly articulate any work that needs to be done. If you don’t really understand what they mean, then do not hesitate to ask for clarification. The best technicians will make sure you know exactly what you are getting into and will not proceed with repairs until they have your authorization. 5. Warranties As you know, warranties will vary widely from one auto repair shop to the next. You want to know up front what kind of guarantees the shop will give you on their work. So on larger repairs, such as brake or transmission work, ask ahead of time about their warranties. For a quality repair shop in Chevy Chase, MD call Auto Clinic Care today. Or come check us out in person at 5531 Nicholson Ln., Ste. A, Rockville, MD 20852.


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