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5 Signs Of Bad Brakes

Bad brakes are both dangerous and expensive. This is why it is essential for drivers to always be on the lookout for old, ineffective brakes. If you suspect you have a brake problem, please bring your car to the experts at Auto Clinic Care. Here are some of the most prevalent signs that you are due for brand new brake pads:

Poor performance

It can be as plain and simple as poor performance. If your brakes aren't working as well as they used to, they need service. You may feel this in the brake pedal as it might lower closer to the floor. Overall, if it takes more time and power to stop your car, you may need your brakes serviced.

Squealing sounds

Brake pads have a small metal piece that is designed to make an irritable noise when your brake pads start to wear out. There's no doubt that you would miss this sound. Sometimes, it may be rust on your brake pads that may cause this noise. It's best to have a professional inspect your brakes to be sure.


Your brake pedal can be very communicative when it comes to brakes. If it vibrates, it's time to make an appointment with the team at Auto Clinic Care. Most of the time, vibrations are a result of warped rotors.

Pulling to One Side

If your car starts leaning to one side, you know you've got a problem. In some cases, your brake pads may be wearing unevenly or have an existing blockage in the brake lines.

Warning lights

There are usually two warning lights that concern your vehicle's brakes. One of them is the anti-lock brake light, indicated with the letters "ABS" inside a circle. This light should be repaired by a professional as it concerns your sensors. The second is your brake light, which is tougher to diagnose as it could relate to your brake fluid or parts. Regardless, it would be best if you got your brakes inspected and repaired as necessary.


Brake Service in Rockville, MD

If you need a brake service soon, please do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to Auto Clinic Care in Rockville, MD. Our team is ASE-certified, so you can have confidence that your car will be in reliable hands.

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