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5 Fun Games to Play On Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are fun, but they can be boring after hours and hours of being in a car. At Auto Clinic Care, we want to make sure your road trips this summer are fun and carefree. That means – road trip games. Read on to learn about some of the road trip games that can keep you and your family busy this summer.

  • Name That Tune - The name says it all. You’re going to need an AUX or Bluetooth to play music. One person plays a song, and whoever guesses the song title first gets a point. See who can guess the most songs.
  • Alphabet Game - You and your passengers take turns saying a word that starts in the next level of the alphabet. You can switch things up and make it harder by adding more rules. For example, you can make each letter or phrase flow into a story.
  • While You Were Sleeping - Naps are inevitable on a long road journey. When someone naps, the rest of the passengers have to think of a make-believe story. When the person wakes, you tell the story and play it off. See if they’re convinced!
  • 20 Questions - This one is a classic game. One person has to choose a thing, person, place, or idea. The rest of the car has to take turns asking a maximum of 20 questions. If they guess the chosen thing, then they win (and vice versa).
  • Would You Rather? - This one’s an oldy but a goody. It is a quick game that requires you and your car to bond over different views. They can get as silly or serious as you want.

Before you head out on your next road trip, we invite you to Auto Clinic Care for a pre-trip inspection. That way, you can drive confidently to your destination knowing that your vehicle is road-worthy.

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